The Enneagram is a framework that describes personality. Represented as a geometric figure, the Enneagram encompasses diverse archetypes. The term “archetype” is derived from the Greek word which means ‘original pattern’. In personality psychology, we use the term archetype to refer to the range of personality types that represent basic human motivations.

The historical roots of the Enneagram are embedded in a rich tradition of seeking self-awareness that spans time, culture, ethnicity and ideology.

The modern Enneagram framework connects the wisdom of the ancients with contemporary psychology and neuroscience in a scientifically valid way.

The Enneagram speaks to the journey of development in a way that sees each individual as a dynamic, evolving entity, with the potential to positively transform.

The Enneagram framework consists of nine-points. Each point represents nine different personality types. FAB subscribes to the practices of INTEGRATIVE ENNEAGRAM SOLUTIONS.

The Enneagram framework differs from other personality and profiling instruments in that the Enneagram goes beyond outwardly observable behaviour to explore what drives the behaviour within an individual, allowing for in-depth self-awareness. These drivers include the motivations and beliefs that form core Types.

The Integrative Enneagram Model

Fab Consulting Enneagram

FAB and the Enneagram

We use the Enneagram in the following areas:

  • Coaching
  • Development
  • Teams

The Questionnaire (iEQ9)

FAB use the iEQ9 to identify individual Enneagram Types. The iEQ9 is internationally recognised, dynamically adaptive,  fast,  and effective. It harnesses the power of technology to dynamically change the questionnaire items based on the individual’s responses while also testing for mistyping at a highly specified level. Statistic validation and unique machine learning algorithms continuously improves the accuracy.
It takes about 30 minutes to complete.

The 9 iEQ9 Core Types

The Enneagram framework refers to nine different types or styles, each representing a perspective, worldview and archetype that resonates with the way people think, feel and act in relation to the world, others and themselves. It reveals more than a personality profile, as it delves deeper into the often-unconscious core motivations that lie deep in our personality, and helps us to understand why we are the way we are. While each of us has all nine motivations within us to a greater or lesser degree, one of the nine is more dominant and serves as the main driver for what motivates us.

Enneagram Ones value principles and integrity and are driven by the motivational need to be good and right. Their name comes from their striving for perfection and self-control.

Enneagram Twos have a motivational need to be liked and appreciated. Twos value relationships and as a result kindness, generosity, and self-sacrifice are important to them. Twos strive to make the world a more loving place, primarily by offering support and attention to those they care about.

Enneagram Threes are likely to value achievement and want to be the best. As a result, efficiency, results, recognition, and image are very important to them. Threes strive for success in their chosen field and tend to be highly flexible and willing to adapt to achieve their goals.

Enneagram Fours have the motivational need to express their uniqueness and be authentic. Fours value individualism and as a result, feelings, self-expression, and purpose will be important to them. They are quite romantic at heart and appreciate beauty and creating meaning for themselves and for others.

Enneagram Fives have the motivational need to know and understand. Fives value making sense of the world around them and, as a result, objectivity and knowledge are important to them. Fives strive for independence, appreciate privacy, and tend to conserve their resources to ensure future independence.

Enneagram Sixes value security and belonging, as this style stems from the motivational need to be safe and prepared. As a result, loyalty and trust are important to Sixes, who strive to be responsible and prepared at all times.

Enneagram Sevens have the motivational need to experience life to the fullest and avoid pain. Sevens value a sense of freedom and focus on optimism, being inspired and taking opportunities as they present themselves. Sevens approach life as an adventure and appreciate being playful and spontaneous.

Enneagram Eights have a motivational need to be strong and avoid showing vulnerability. They value having a sense of control and being direct and impactful. Eights love challenges and will embody a need for justice which enables them to protect others.

Enneagram Nines are motivated by a need to be settled and in harmony with the world and, as a result, being accommodating and accepting will be important to them. They strive for a peaceful existence and appreciate stability, preferring to avoid conflict.

Client Testimonials

“I was lucky enough to complete the Enneagram process as a collective, with my team. It is a useful tool that delivers accurate insights into leadership and team member styles, of which there are nine. The outcome of the process delivered valuable guidelines in terms of how to better engage with different personality types on the team, as well as with our stakeholders. It very precisely indicates behavioral and human traits and how to best work with them. If you are looking to build a high performing team of individuals who value effectiveness, trust and empathy, then the Enneagram is for you.”  – Wendy Bergsteedt 

“Learning about the Enneagram and how to use it as a tool for self-discovery and growth has helped me both personally and professionally. The Enneagram process is thorough and enjoyable which I believe sets it apart from other tools and programs used for awareness training and development.

Having been originally introduced to the Enneagram through friends, my wife and adult children sought to apply the concepts more regularly and deeply. Coincidentally, several employees within our company also became interested in exploring the benefits of the Enneagram and how it might improve our team’s culture and effectiveness. Our team decided to work with a trained Enneagram consultant to apply the principles and concepts individually and corporately. Once complete, my family also worked with the Enneagram consultant to help us delve more deeply into our own Enneagram types while gaining an understanding and appreciation for the other Enneagram types. The greatest benefit of the Enneagram has provided to me is an awareness of my own strengths, weaknesses and pathways for personal growth and healthy relationships. “– George G. McPherson

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