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Our footprint extends over a wide range of industries, such as financial services, asset management, transport, manufacturing, retail and education. We provide services to business and private clients.

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The Pitfalls of Prioritising Peace in Business

Navigating Conflict: The Pitfalls of Prioritising Peace in BusinessWendy Bergsteedt and Chrizelda WaltersIn many workplaces, managers tend to shy away from addressing the consistent underperformance of team members, fearing difficult conversations. However, this...

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Forward Together: Welcoming 2024

Forward Together: Welcoming 2024

FORWARD TOGETHER: Welcoming 2024My current read, by Yung Pueblo – The Way Forward, sparked a thought and tone for 2024. In considering that we are in the first month of a brand new year, 2024, and on social media, I’ve noticed the play of words with “four” and...

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Protection vs Excuse Fear

PROTECTION VS EXCUSE FEAR:A practical illustration through dialogueDuring facilitating one of my ACE Resilience workshop sessions, on the concept of Emotional Intelligence, I was presented with an insightful question from one of the delegates, seeking a practical...

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