The essence of coaching is about empowering self and others. Coaching is a performance partnership to support an individual in achieving what he/she desires. It supports the individual in getting into the habit of being in creation; and taking full responsibility for what he/she achieves versus living consistently in reaction to circumstances. Coaching is about showing the collective conditioning that causes us to live in the stories of why we can’t, the reasons, excuses that we buy into and the justifications about where we are with our life. When you are in a coaching partnership, your focus is on the journey you are creating and being in action.

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Mentoring is a partnership in which a mentee is assisted in making advances in knowledge, perspective and vision to develop their full potential. The mentor’s wisdom is utilised by the mentee to facilitate and enhance new learning and insight. The mentor’s focus is the development of the learner, and about passing on personalised, domain-specific knowledge.

Mentors help to set the agenda; their primary aim is to develop an individual or small group to learn more comprehensively from their day-to-day working experience.


Psychology is the science that studies the mind, mental processes, feelings, desires and behaviour. Therapy is about the application of psychological knowledge to the diagnosis and treatment of patients. Psychologist helps people who are living with the burden of psychological needs i.e. effective handling of extreme stress, depression, anxiety.


Coaching is based on the fundamental belief that people have within them all the potential resources they need to achieve the things they desire. A coach’s role is to use effective questioning techniques to help guide the client bringing clarity and purpose to his/her life.

Coaching focuses on the present and moving forward toward achieving personal and professional goals. Coaching is goal and action oriented. You as an individual must take action to make things happen. Coaches work with healthy individuals to create a higher quality of living.

Coaching is for those who are in a space where they want to take responsibility for causing results in their life and making things happen. A coach does not tell you what to do; a coach assists you to express and activate your passion and desires.

A coach empowers you to focus on your life, you are the expert.


Consciousness Coaching® was developed by Marc Steinberg and is an extension of classical coaching. Consciousness Coaching® adds an awareness creation component. Ignorance, not in knowledge, however, in awareness limits a person’s ability to create the change he/she needs. To dissolve this ignorance by insights into the nature of human consciousness – the operating system with which every human being conducts their actions – and to enable an individual to successfully operate consciousness is the core commitment of Consciousness Coaching®. This means, in each session you can expect a mini training session on various themes all designed to support you in having greater insights about how you create your life, allowing you to make more informed choices and be fully empowered.

The better your awareness, the better your choices. As you make better choices, you will see better results.

Chrizelda Walters - Industrial Psychologist - Fab Consulting

Coaching with Chrizelda Walters:

My role, as a Consciousness Coach, is to keep you focused on achieving your goal in the most efficient and effective way. Coaching is powerful seeing that it places the responsibility into your hands. It’s up to you to achieve the results, not the other way around, therefore creating a habit of taking responsibility for what you want.

What to Expect

Intake Session (Signing up)

To be discussed

  • Defining the coaching Cycle Objective (What is it you want to be coached on)

When | Where

Coaching will occur virtually. Although I work with you during structured “coaching sessions”, most of the progress occurs between sessions, when you implement the actions.

We may communicate via e-mail or WhatsApp if contracted.

Reason for coaching 

  • Leadership | Transition | Performance | Interpersonal | Career


  • Manager | Peers | Sponsor
  • Defining the Coaching Cycle Agreement (Time frame & estimated date of completion)
  • Duration | The Coaching Cycle can last i.e. 6 weeks, 12 weeks, or monthly (ongoing) – all depending on the cycle objective(s) and your progress.
  • Discussing the Coaching Contract and Terms and Conditions i.e.
      • Services
      • Length of the coaching sessions
      • Responsibility
      • Confidentiality
      • Session Cancellations
      • Answering outstanding questions
  •  Next step, 1st coaching session.


A session varies between 45 – 60min


To be discussed, depending on sessions and sponsor.

For further information, please contact us.

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