Psychometrics is a field of study within psychology concerned with the theory and technique of measurement. Psychometrics generally refers to specialised fields within psychology devoted to measurement and assessment. Psychometrics is concerned with the objective measurement of latent constructs that cannot be directly observed. Examples of latent constructs ability and personality. The levels of individuals on non-observable latent variables are inferred through mathematical modelling based on what is observed from individuals ‘responses to items on tests and scales.

Examples of Psychometrics and How It’s Used

The Psychometrics definition refers to psychological measurement. It relates to the design and interpretation of psychological tests that measure values such as ability and personality.

Different Psychometric Assessments

Ability and skills are most commonly measured in the workplace, determining an employee’s strengths and areas of development. They can also guide students down possible career paths based on their skills.

Personality Traits

Determine basic characteristics of an individual; assess their ability to fit into a specific work environment or with specific personality types. It increase self-awareness and improve interactions with others and it helps with individual development and growth. Personality assessment findings provide important insight into prominent personality traits.

Common Uses For Psychometrics:

  • Employee selection – Personality, knowledge and aptitude tests
  • Individual development potential – Attitude and skills tests
  • Team building potential – Personality and attitude tests
  • Leadership development potential – Skills, personality and attitude tests
  • Advancement and succession planning – Aptitude, attitude and personality test
  • Interest – Assessing areas of motivation, aptitude and knowledge
  • Career selection – Assessing what careers require the personality traits of the test taker
  • Achievement potential – Assessing psychological, skills, attitude and knowledge
  • Personality – Assessing psychological, personality traits and attitude


Psychometric assessments aim to assess individuals objectively. FAB utilises HPCSA (Health Professions Council of South Africa) accredited instruments to ensure validity and reliability.


  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Development (Succession Planning & Talent Management)
  • Career Guidance
  • Team Intervention
  • Coaching

What We Assess

Fab Consulting Cognitive
Fab Consulting Personality
Fab Consulting Integrity

The FAB Way

We have a consultative approach, enabling us to offer a tailored solution to best meet the client’s needs. Hence, we do not provide a brochure of assessments.


  • Determine and clarify purpose of assessment.
  • Select appropriate assessment/s.
  • Conduct assessment.
  • Provide feedback and guidance.

Client Testimonials

I truly appreciate that you take such a bespoke approach to each candidate and the requirements of the role. It is never static. And each assessment I read, I realise that there is an additional element / component / insight that I had not noticed.”

You and your team are always able to cater for our needs; you are always available to assist often beyond just assessments and you are prompt and efficient.”

The assessments align to our business requirements and insightful recommendations are often provided. Meaningful engagements pre and post the assessments.”

Find the feedback rewarding and true not always what I want to hear although spot on.”

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