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When googling the meaning of “be”, the following is shared: ‘Exist, live; especially under adverse conditions’. Quite fitting, as some may hope that 2022 is the year that COVID-19 transitions from a pandemic to an endemic. Of course, there’s no going back to 2019, however, few of us suspected that it would lead to two years of shutdowns, social distancing and disruptions. The month of January is known for New Year’s resolutions and re-evaluating. This is done by setting goals, making commitments in various forms and practices. Choosing words, is such a practice. Words are meant to act as a trigger for action and guidance.


Our January “newsletter” theme consists of two actions (2022 ). 1) “be”, 2) “do”.  The theme (be and do) is inspired by Federico Fellini’s famous quote, “You exist only in what you do”. Fellini was an Italian film director and screenwriter known for his distinctive style. His films contain in abundance humor, pathos, compassion and style. To illustrate,  La dolce vita, Italian for “the sweet life” or “the good life”,  is a 1960 comedy-drama film directed and co-written by him.


In our team check-in this morning we discussed our words for 2022, the following words were shared: healthyenergyhappypeacefulgentlecurious, balance. First, some introspection was needed to identify the words, as these words represent an ideal – our “be”. Our be can only manifest with do. For example, healthy consists of many aspects and can be achieved by a series of different actions. Personally, hydration is one aspect of healthy that I need to focus on. Hence, drinking water regularly is my do.  Be goes with Do, operating in twos. The one with the other. For January, consider joining us in these two actions and be part of manifesting your reality, while experiencing the “the good life”, Fellini’s style.


Choose your be and commit – start where you are, use what you have and do what you can. If you need inspiration,  draw from Fellini’s quote: “you exist only in what you do”.


Drop the “to”. To be and to do is future focused. 2022 is now. If you are reading this, you are present. Be and do.  Short, concise and in sync with 2022.  May we enjoy what we manifest in 2022, happy New Year.

Live it. Love it. Do it.

FAB Regards

Chrizelda & Team

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