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This quote triggered me in a good way; it made think about the meaning, and consequences of existing within an almost.

Settling for ALMOST, the “what if” syndrome

I think when we settle for almost, we risk entertaining “what if’s” in all spheres of our life. There is so much to be experienced. When we exist within an almost, we are thinking about an idea of someone, something, or situation that has yet to be grounded by real life — in a way we idealise what could be. To get excited about “what if’s”, is human!

”What if’s” are a necessary part of life and assist in the decision-making process and motivates us to make better choices; however, sometimes they become overwhelming. The “what if’s” questions are guaranteed to come up during certain moments in our lives. During major life decisions “what if’s can be useful. They help us appraise pros and cons, evaluate different angles of the decision, and even help us to determine if we are ready to make the decision. However, when “what if’s” are part of every little moment and decision, causing us to worry and not acting, they become problematic.
This leads us into a downward spiral and vicious circle of doubt, doubting our abilities, and others. As we don’t have the answers and don’t know the outcomes we start to predict and create possible scenarios. It leads to existing within a world of almost!

The Alternative

Sometimes, our worries and thoughts overwhelm us. This is not new. We forget who we are, what we value, what we’ve endured and what we are capable of.
We can put an end to this by confronting the “what if’s” in the moment. Start by identifying them, notice the “what if’s”. Stop the questioning, shift the focus on the emotion that is causing the question. Lean into the emotion, be curious to find the message the emotion brings, and then act. To get an outcome, you need to take action. The first step can be a little difficult, because it will move you out your comfort zone. Taking action, is really important, if you do not take action, you will never see the accomplishments. The truth is dreams, visions and goals are achieved and accomplished only through action.

If we live in a world of “what if’s”, we are essentially allowing our lives to be ruled by almost. Our greatest gifts are that we are capable and wired to feel, think and act.

Let’s be aware of how much time we give to the “what if’s”; and instead of spiralling into worry, expect (feel), create (think) and choose (act) optimally! Above all, be true to you, and if you cannot put your heart in it, take yourself out of it. A great philosopher once said wealth is the ability to experience life to the full.

To Ponder

What meaningful experiences can you create by entertaining, within limits, the “what if’s” optimally and not into an almost existence?

As this year comes to an end, our wish is that you have a moment to simply be. May you feel the faint glimmer of hope that new beginnings hold.

Happy 2023

Here’s to ditching almost and creating meaningful experiences. Wishing you the means to go all out and making the most of 2023!

FAB Consulting

Live it. Love it. Do it.

FAB Regards

Chrizelda & Team

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