What is a “To Do” List? The definition is a simple one,  a list of tasks you need to complete, or things that you want to do.
Do, focuses on perform and synonyms are: carry out, undertake,  execute and completeTo, is used when one expresses a: purpose, intention, outcome or desired action.

The past two years have given us a new take on so many things and with that, came new realisations. I’ve realised that the problem with a To Do list , is the “to”. What we need is a “do list”. As a consequence, we are concluding our Adjust |Thrive series. The series started in 2020 during Lockdown level 5.  We were required to adjust, alter our ways and be strong. We are now introducing the Do | Thrive series.  To thrive, succeed and flourish, the emphasises should be on do, dealing with challenges, even when we find it unpleasant or difficult.   No more to.  Let’s do!
Thank you for 2021 – your energy, support and trust. 
We will be on our festive break from the 23rd  of December to the 11th of January 2022.
We wish you much Success, Health, Strength and many “Do’s” in 2022.

live it. love it. do it.
FAB regards
Chrizelda & Team

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