Do | Thrive #BE

BE  When googling the meaning of “be”, the following is shared: ‘Exist, live; especially under adverse conditions’. Quite fitting, as some may hope that 2022 is the year that COVID-19 transitions from a pandemic to an endemic. Of course, there's no going back to 2019, however, few of us suspected that it would lead to two years of shutdowns, social distancing and [...]

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Adjust | Thrive #DO

What is a “To Do” List? The definition is a simple one,  a list of tasks you need to complete, or things that you want to do. Do, focuses on perform and synonyms are: carry out, undertake,  execute and complete. To, is used when one expresses a: purpose, intention, outcome or desired action. The past two years have given us a new take on so many [...]

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Adjust | Thrive #TwoLenses

The two lenses: Confidence and Self-doubt As the year comes closer to an end, we are experiencing a transition into a new phase filled with emotions, pressure, grief and many other challenges. The relics of the pandemic become clear as light starts shining through cracks caused by isolation. A delayed response to adversity plays out [...]

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Adjust | Thrive #SpringEnergy

In my search to write about the next two agreements of The Four Agreements, I thought of spring and seasonal change as well as change in all spheres of life. TRANSFORMATION – WHY? Transformation is part of life, and nature and its seasons constantly remind us that this occurs naturally. The change of season is [...]

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Women’s Day 2021 | “Just like me”

JUST LIKE ME #AttitudeChangesEverything We have stretched, changed and reached potential together since 1956, it’s time to embrace the “new normal” in the digital age of working online together. This year we are focused on celebrating Women’s Day with the mindset of “Just Like me”. At FAB we believe this exercise can explore creative thinking [...]

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Adjust | Thrive #SolveIt

Dear all,  Solve It is the focus of this month’s newsletter, the next step of behaving Above the Line. You’ll recall our focus in August was about finding the courage to face reality (See It). We followed this with Own It last month, where we explored the bravery required to accept responsibility for our circumstances. [...]

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Adjust | Thrive #OwnIt

Dear all,  This month we focus on Ownership. It takes bravery to accept responsibility for the position you find yourself in. The first step in taking accountability for this is having the courage (the concept we shared with you last month) to acknowledge and then accept reality. You can only start to improve things in your [...]

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Validity | What is valid #ValidMeasures

Validity is an important concept and works in tandem with Reliability. In our previous Psychometric Vibes, we focussed on Reliability.  We will now look at Validity. Psychometric assessment methods and tests should have valid and reliable research, as well as data to support the statement that it is a sound measure. These two properties are [...]

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Adjust | Thrive #AboveTheLine

Dear all,  Our focus for this month’s email is a concept called ‘Above and Below’ the line – where the line represents choice. One of the reasons this concept is so impactful is that it brings value in a tangible way. The line separates the positive from the negative and success from failure. You can [...]

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Reliability | What to consider #ConsistentReliability

Psychometric assessment involves assigning scores to individuals so that they represent some characteristic of the individuals. How do Psychometrists know that the scores actually represent the characteristic, especially when it is a construct like intelligence, self-esteem, depression, or working memory capacity? The answer is that they conduct research using the measure to confirm that the [...]

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