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Women’s Month

Women's MonthAs an African woman, I've learnt the importance of self-definition and living purposefully. It's vital that every girl determines, as early as possible, who she is and what her contribution to humanity will be." - Thuli Madonsela (Former South African...

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Message from our founding member, Chrizelda Walters

Message from our Founding Member, Chrizelda Walters We are almost halfway through 2022. In Cape Town we’re blessed to be able to enjoy the most beautiful sunny days, with sunsets being bright orange. The first half of the year has undoubtably been full of challenges...

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Motivation | Thrive #Do

Motivation | Thrive #DoYou’re only given one little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.” – Robin WilliamsOnly recently I’ve come across the term “glimmers”. According to author, Sara Moniuszko, glimmers are small moments that spark joy or peace, which can help...

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Balance | Thrive #DO

Balance | Thrive #Do#BE Mindful. FAB would like to pause and take a moment to think of others and the state of the world today. We remain hopeful and stand in solidarity for peace for all.This month, we focus on the importance of balance as we reflect on how we #BE...

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DOSE | Thrive #DO

Balance | Thrive #DoContinuing from January’s theme and mantra; “be” and commit – “start where you are, use what you have and do what you can”, the focus this month is on Happy Chemicals (known as DOSE). In this newsletter, we share a little insight on the what, the...

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Do | Thrive #Be

Do | Thrive #BeWhen googling the meaning of “be”, the following is shared: ‘Exist, live; especially under adverse conditions’. Quite fitting, as some may hope that 2022 is the year that COVID-19 transitions from a pandemic to an endemic. Of course, there’s no going...

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