Spring is here, weather is changing, sunrise is earlier, it is a new season, and therefore new beginnings.

Every next level of your life will demand a different version of you.

To explain, you have reached your success and where you currently are by being you; with your thinking, habits and set of skills. To change from your current position and success you will have to learn new skills, develop new habits, thinking patterns and change the way you lead your life.The winter is where most of us “hibernate” and some may be doing thinking and planning, if you have been feeling stuck lately, and you have been wondering why you are not experiencing the success or movement you want, it might be because what took you to your current level of success is the stepping stone to the next level, for the different version of you.

The answer to moving forward is in the “stuckness”. To move forward you need to let go of the comfortable, and start doing things differently. There is no other way. This is why powerful people are constantly leaning into their edge, venturing into the unknown, and attempting new things.The key to getting unstuck is ultimately letting go of the current level of comfort your success brought you and finding the courage to change the things you can, facing your fears as you take action.

Two questions to ponder on:

  • What are you too comfortable with, that it might be time to release it or let it go? ( What people, places, habits, behaviours, ideas, beliefs, etc.)
  • What are the new habits, attitudes of behaviours that you can courageously embrace in order to achieve your next level of success?

Spring is the time of growth.

Live it ! Love it! Do it!
FAB regards


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