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Over the past few weeks, we invited you to join us on a journey as we navigate this challenging time together. Even though there is no right way to feel right now, we feel as if we are processing change. The Change Curve is a popular and powerful model used to understand the stages when faced with change. It helps one predict people’s reactions to change, and helps them to adapt to it more quickly and more successfully.

To start, we want to introduce you to the Oz Principle, a leadership concept created by Roger Connors, Tom Smith and Craig Hickman. It borrows its title from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, a story that’s a metaphor used to highlight our journey of self-discovery and the impact that personal accountability can have on navigating uncertainty and change. The success of the book’s characters came not by the magic of some wizard who made their problems disappear, but by them finding the power within themselves and by working together. In addition, we would like to make use of the Enneagram, as it provides us with insights and tools on how best to understand ourselves and others when faced with challenges.    

Meet our companions and our suggested journey to your own personalised wizard within. 

Download our key lessons and insights to discover even more.

Live it ! Love it! Do it!
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